Gazing is a stop motion and anaglyph animation project surrounding the ideology of the male gaze and representations of women. 
For my research for this project, I had a letterbox with two questions on the front, 'what is the male gaze to you?' and 'what is a true representation of women to you?'. I wanted to use this anonymous letterbox to provide my answers rather than retrieving information online. I had an online form which I sent to a few people to have some more answers in order to provide an adequate coverage of all opinions in my video. 
I created a 'stop motion studio' in my spare room with a large sheet taped to the floor and a large lamp to create a non-changing environment to ensure a smooth video. The stop motion was created using found images and distorting them by cutting them up, layering paint, tape, thread, etc. 
Using the answers I received from both the letterbox and online form, I began curating them so they would be equal amounts of lines on either side of the stop motion. I used filtered gels to change the colour of the lens' in pairs of glasses, which, depending on which coloured pair you are wearing, shows it's own individual video, revealing on aspect of the text.